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Nice hike Hong Kong: Dragon's Back on Hong Kong Island


Hong Kong is known for its neon-lit skyscrapers, dizzying shops and street markets where you can buy literally anything you want. Yet more than 70% of Hong Kong consists of mountains and forest. And that's not counting the nearly 200 remote islands. So it is actually not surprising that you can make beautiful hikes in Hong Kong. For practical info, click here.

Dragon's Back trail

Hong Kong Trail

In and around Hong Kong you will find several long-distance hiking trails. One of them is the Hong Kong trail. This 50-kilometer hiking trail is divided into a number of stages on Hong Kong Island. The trail starts at Victoria Peak and ends at the beach in Big Wave Bay. We walk the last stage of about 8.5 kilometers, which is also called 'Dragon's Back'. Via the ferry, metro and bus we arrive at the starting point. When we get off the bus we immediately see a wooden sign with a swinging dragon, so we know we're in the right place.

Starting point Dragon's Back trail

Stone steps

Whoa, we can go up immediately! On the stone staircase with uneven steps, we immediately gain a number of altimeters. Fortunately, the path is surrounded by a green oasis of trees and plants and there is a lot of shade. After fifteen minutes we arrive at a viewpoint with a beautiful view. We take it easy and enjoy the panorama.

Stone stairs up
“We feel pretty cool”

The stairway rises further up. It's hot and humid and we can feel it. The terrain is now more open and the shadow lets us down. The sun burns on the clouds and with every step we lose a few drops of sweat. Step by step we walk on the Dragon's Back and feel quite tough. Until we are overtaken by a group of Chinese athletes who use this trail for their running exercise….

Boss above boss

At the top of Shek O

We slowly approach Shek O Peak, the top of the mountain. After a climb of about two kilometers we arrive at the highest point at 284 meters. Here we take a breather. It is a beautiful place with a spectacular view of the south of Hong Kong Island and the coastline. And when we turn around, we look at the winding path that runs over the ridge. Now we understand where the name 'Dragons Back' comes from.

Highest point Shek O Peak
Over the ridge

Beautiful views from Dragon's Back Viewing Point

We continue walking on the sloping ridge. We are still rising, but sometimes also falling. Big, black and blue butterflies fly with us. Some Chinese hikers carry a radio on their back. While enjoying varied Chinese tunes, we arrive at Dragon's Back Viewing Point viewpoint. We look down on Tai Tam Bay and can even see Lamma Island in the distance.

View of Tai Tam Bay

Woody trail

The path is getting flatter and we are now walking through a wooded area. Here and there with a stream of water. If you don't know any better and don't count the tropical plants, you'd almost think you're in Austria. Now that we don't have to climb anymore, we put the pass in a bit.

Path through the forest

Well signposted route

Just when we are starting to find it a bit boring, we arrive at an intersection. The sign to 'Big Wave Bay' shows us the way and we exchange the wooded path for an asphalted road. There are no cars and we are surrounded by greenery.

Turn right for Big Wave Bay

The stairs to Big Wave Bay

The last part of our hike goes towards Big Wave Bay. We walk down via a sharp descent on an uneven path of stone and earth. The first village houses come into view and not much later a glistening white beach awaits us, which is popular with surfers.

Path to Big Wave Bay

Big Wave Bay

Cooling off on the beach

Unfortunately, the waves are not that big today and there are few surf dudes who brave the waves. Nevertheless, we don't know how quickly we have to get off our clothes and jump into the surf. The shimmering white waves bring the cooling we need and we enjoy the fresh sea water. Of course we also visit the beach bar and toast with a real 'Dragon Back' on this beautiful hike!


Do you also want to walk the Dragon's Back hike?

  • This last leg of the Hong Kong trail is approximately 8.5 kilometers long.

  • It will take you about 3 hours, but take your time to enjoy the views.

  • To get to the starting point, take the MTR to Shau Kei Wan. Take Exit A to the bus station. There you take bus 9 to Shek O Road. You get off at the Tei Wan stop. That's where the trail begins.

  • In Big Wave Bay you will find a parking lot with (mini) buses and taxis at the end of the village. Here you take the bus back to MTR Shau Kei Wan.

  • The trail goes up steeply, especially in the beginning, but after 2.5 kilometers the path becomes much flatter and easier.

  • The trail is marked with wooden signs. The road to Big Wave Bay is also well signposted.

  • Bring plenty of water and apply good sunscreen.

  • You are not alone on this trail. It is a popular trip for many people from Hong Kong, especially on weekends.

  • Have fun!



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