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Stages Migratory Bird Path

Who Are We

In April 2022 I walked the Trekvogelpad, from Bergen aan Zee to Enschede in 414 kilometers. Quite an undertaking, especially since I have never made such a long hike with a pack before. The Trekvogelpad is one of the most beautiful long-distance hiking trails in the Netherlands and a paradise for bird-loving hikers.  The route provides a beautiful cross-section of the Netherlands. 

From each stage you will find the following in my blogs:

  1. The facts: start and end point, distance and accommodation

  2. Route and landscape: what will you see?

  3. My Story: How am I doing today?

  4. Photos and tips

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Migratory bird path Stage 1 to 7

The first stages of the Trekvogelpad take you through the North Holland landscape: dunes, bulb fields, meadows and peat.


Migratory bird path Stage 8 to 15

During the middle stages of the Trekvogelpad, you walk over the Utrechtse Heuvelrug and the Veluwe. Enjoy the forest, the heath and the sandy soils.

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Migratory bird path Stage 16 to 21

Stages 16 to 21 lead you along the IJssel and the Achterhoek to Twente, where the Trekvogelpad ends in Enschede.

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