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Hong Kong Yellow Dragon Stream Trail: If you like adventure


When I hold on to the ledge of a large boulder that I can't get off of, I think of what my girlfriend said earlier: "You have to use your hands and feet sometimes." Now I understand what she means. And 'sometimes' is an understatement. Holding on to the stones, I turn onto my stomach so that I fall backwards. My legs are just a bit too short, so I just let myself go to land on solid ground. (For practical info, click here).< /em>

Yellow Dragon Waterfall

Nice walk on Lantau

Lantau is the largest island of Hong Kong. Although there are a number of urban areas on Lantau including large skyscrapers, it consists of mountains and forest for the most part. Lantau is therefore called 'the lung of Hong Kong'. Together with a friend who lives here, I am walking the Yellow Dragon Trail , perhaps the most beautiful hike in all of Hong Kong.

Yellow Dragon Stream

Start of the Yellow Dragon Stream hike

From the subway station Tung Chung we first walk to the starting point of the hike near the Wong Lung Hang Picnicsite.. After twenty minutes, we arrive at a quiet, slightly ascending asphalt road. When the road ends, we cross a small bridge and find ourselves on the bed of the Yellow Dragon Stream. It is not really a trail: there are no signs and there is no path. Still, it's clear where we need to go. We follow the course of the water and find a way over pebbles, boulders and stones.

There isn't really a path

Dead snake

There is a dead snake lying on a stone; the head is still visible but little else is left of it. Good thing, too. I would rather not see them alive and I resolve to be careful where I place my hands and feet…

I need both hands to keep my balance

It has been raining in Hong Kong for days, and the weather forecast for today is not very good. It is warm, at least 28 degrees Celsius and humid. I brought my umbrella with me, but I realise that it is useless. I need both hands to keep my balance on the rough pebbles we walk on. There is no one to be seen and I decide to hang my umbrella on a branch to pick it up on the way back.

Puzzle to find the path

The stones and boulders are getting bigger and bigger and it's a real puzzle to find our path. We scramble and climb over large boulders, we bend down to walk under low-hanging branches and balance on large pebbles in the water.

Over boulders and rocks

Small waterfalls and shallow pools

Slowly we get a little further on the Yellow Dragon Stream trail. We walk past small waterfalls and shallow pools with clear water. There seems to be no end to it. The two of us are surrounded by chirping, splashing water and endless green mountain slopes. When I look around, I can't help but be silent for a moment from this beautiful place.

Pure nature

Little paradise

After 1.5 hours, 'the reward' awaits us; the 25 meter high waterfall in front of us seems to come out of nowhere. The water splashes down into an icy little pool with water in all shades of green. We take our clothes off and wash the sweat from our tired legs and backs. There is no one there at all and we have this paradise lake to ourselves. What a treat from mother nature. Pure enjoyment.

Waterfall with swimming lake

Fresh and well, we linger in this oasis for a while. We eat and drink something and then prepare ourselves for the way back down.

Lovely swimming in the pool
I slip on an unexpectedly slippery boulder and end up with my bottom, back and backpack in the shallow water

Again we find our way over stones, boulders and rocks. Although we can now walk down, it is not easy. Our legs are tired and it takes extra energy to keep a good balance on the sometimes wobbly stones. I slip on an unexpectedly slippery boulder and end up with my bottom, back and backpack in the shallow water. Luckily I didn't hurt myself except for a few scratches. I am completely wet and the water is dripping from the legs of my shorts.

How will I ever get rid of this?

One of the huge boulders turns out to be a bit too high and we are unsure how to get rid of it. My girlfriend goes first and I watch her struggle to find her way. Even if I try, it won't work. Despite my long legs, I can't reach the ground. But going back is no longer an option. I burst out laughing; how will i ever get out of here? I eventually roll awkwardly onto my stomach and slide backwards off the boulder. I let go of my hands and miraculously stand on solid ground again.

beautiful hike hong kong

The same way back

The way back goes a little faster and after an hour I see my umbrella hanging again; we are almost back at the beginning! We pass the bridge and via the narrow asphalt road we walk back to civilization.

Once in Tung Chung mall we treat ourselves to a belated lunch, including happy hour. Tired but very satisfied we toast to the great walk, the good company and the wonderful day. In any case, one that I will not soon forget…


Do you also want to hike along Yellow Dragon Stream?

  • From MTR Tung Chung on Lantau, it takes about half an hour to walk to the Wong Lung Hang Picnic site. There you see several signs to trails, but you do not follow them. You keep following the asphalt road until the end. Cross the bridge and follow the main stream (not the smaller one on the left). Keep following the stream until you arrive at the large waterfall with a pool.

  • Have a rest at the pool and return the same way.

  • If you want, you can go further up from the large waterfall with a pool, and you can even continue to Tung Chung. That is a very steep and tough route.

Greetings from the Yellow Dragon Stream hike


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